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Recruiters and Jobs Search Engines for Montrealers and NewComers

The most difficult part for new immigrants is to get a job or at least the first job interview. Here is a list of the top recruiters and job search engines for Montreal, Quebec. Recruiters in Montreal www.randstad.ca http://www.groomassocies.com/ http://www.quantum.ca/ http://www.thomson-tremblay.com/ http://ca.drakeintl.com/contact-us/find-a-drake-office/drake-montreal.aspx http://www.hunt.ca  http://www.mindhr.com/ http://www.recruitmentagencies.ca/listing-category/employment-agencies-montreal/ http://www.agences-de-placement.ca/en/agences-de-placement-montreal/   There...
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Where to Save in Taxes?

You may be eligible to a lot of thousands of dollars and you do not know it. Here are some of the most important credit you can save when filing your tax report. First-time donor’s super credit The First-Time Donor’s “Super Credit” allows First-time donors (anyone who has...
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Income tax report services for low-income families

As the tax deadline approaches, many individuals and families who earn a low income, this adds pressure to their already stressful situation. This is why, during the months of March and April, Welcome Hall Mission in collaboration with Revenu Québec and Revenu Canada, are offering free income tax report services. These...
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Shelter Allowance Program in Quebec

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM? The Shelter Allowance Program provides financial assistance for low-income households that must spend too much of their budget on rent. WHO QUALIFIES FOR HELP FROM THE PROGRAM? People aged 53 or over who live alone. Couples in which one partner is...
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